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Cesarian Section 3
The life saving procedure known as Cesarian Section was first introduced in the early 1500s . The first successful case was in 1580 in Switzerland in which the mother survived the procedure. Much improvement has been done since then to make this life saving procedure as safe as possible for both the mother and the baby. Zambia has made tremendous success towards the reduction of the new born and matenal mortality, standing at about 135 deaths per 100,000 deliveries. However, 42% of women in rural Zambia still deliver at home, putting the Cesarian section rate at only 4.4% . In an effort to bring health services close to the people, the government through the presidential pronouncement has committed itself to install maternity wards and operating rooms at every health institution. This is a recommendable trajectory and RDAZ encourages such initiatives and pronouncements. These efforts have led to the first ever Cesarian section delivery in Lunga district of Luapula province. A 3.4Kg baby girl and the mother are both in good health. Lunga district has 4 rural health centres and 3 health posts with Samfya District Hospital as the main referal point. It is about 90 kilometers by water and 94 Kilometers by land from Kasomalunga Health Centre where this important history was made. The team that carried out this operation at the said health facility included; 1) Dr Sakala Nicholas_District Health Director (Main surgeon) 2) Mr Chiwala _Assistant surgeon 3) Mr Omega Kalumbu_with an orientation in anaesthesia 4) Miss Bertha Mulenga_Scrub nurse 5) Mr Borniface Bwalya_ Mid wife. RDAZ is delighted in the role the resident doctors keep playing in shaping the medical landscape and history in our country and encourages those working in remote areas of our country to continue serving our people with the highest dignity they deserve. For God and Country

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