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Tender For Developing Organizational Financial Policy and Procedures Manual.
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The Resident Doctors Association Zambia (RDAZ) is a not-for-profit making professional body for resident Medical Doctors practicing in Zambia. RDAZ has been in existence prior to independence in 1964, but was officially registered with the registrar of societies in 1994. The mandate of RDAZ is to uplift the welfare and uphold professional integrity of the medical doctors it represents while concurrently contributing to formulation of constructive national health policy. RDAZ represents the interests and professional dispensation of the biggest constituent body among medical practitioners in the country, the non-specialist and specializing Doctors. In its quest to meet the member aspirations and evolve to speak to tenets of good and modern corporate governance, the organization is in the process of developing a tailored Financial Policy and Procedures Manual (FPPM) that will guide how the Association manages and accounts for its revenue as an improvement to the current standing procedures. This is therefore a call to all suitable accounting firms or consultants to express interest in guiding the Association through this process.

To develop a tailored organizational Financial Policy and Procedures Manual in accordance with good corporate governance and financial regulations.

Terms of Reference

The scope of work shall include, but not limited to the following:
  • Hold consultative meeting with the RDAZ Financial Policy
    Development Committee and National Executive Committee.
  • Review current Financial Procedures and Policies.
  • Study relevant RDAZ governance working documents.
  • Make reference to relevant provisions of the Law.
  • Undertake a Situational Analysis and establish working
  • Develop Draft Financial Policy and Procedures Manual.
  • Present the draft FPPM to the Association.
  • Incorporate feedback from the Association
  • Produce final working document.


The purpose of the financial policy is to describe and document how the Financial Policy Development Committee, National Executive Committee (NEC), its branches and all other functionaries want financial management activities to be carried out within the organization. In order to accomplish this, it is envisaged that the FPPM under development will address the following key areas:

  1. Assignment of authority for necessary and regular financial actions and decisions.
  2. Policy statement on conflicts of interest or insider transactions.
  3. Clear authority framework to spend funds, including monetary requisition, procurement procedures, approval, disbursement and activity retirement.
  4. Clear assignment of authority to enter into contracts with suppliers and merchants.
  5. Clear responsibility for maintaining accurate financial records including Bank transactions and reconciliation, Statements of Account, Cheque Book, Acquittals, Invoices and Receipts Books.
  6. Guidelines on budget development/tracking, internal and external auditing of accounts.


The applicants are required to submit/demonstrate the following:

  • Firms: Company / Consultancy Profile.
  • Individuals: Curriculum Vitae showing relevant academic qualifications with minimum of 8 years relevant professional accounting and/or business management experience.
  • Quotation and pricing of services.
  • Traceable experience managing a similar assignment will be an added advantage.
  • Knowledge on Financial Laws and Taxation is mandatory.
  • Excellent writing and analytical skills with commitment to stick to deadlines.
  • The Firm / Consultant should have a good understanding of the regulatory framework of Civil Society Organizations.


The Firm / Consultant will have a total of ten (10) working days to conduct this assignment from the date of engagement.


The Firm / Consultant shall report to the National Executive Committee of the Association through the office of the Secretary General.

Mode of Delivery

The Firm / Consultant will produce all reports, in both editable electronic format and duplicate hard copies, submitting them to the office of the Secretary General.

Submission of Bids

The bid is to be properly bound and labeled “Expression of Interest To Develop the RDAZ Organizational Financial Policy And Procedures Manual.” This application should be addressed and sent to “The Secretary General, Resident Doctors Association of Zambia, C/o Zambia Medical Association, Unit 2, Brentwood Court Stand No. 6458, Los Angeles Boulevard, Longacres, P. O Box 50693 Lusaka” on or before Thursday, 8th September, 2022 at 4 PM CAT.

NB. Only short-listed Firms / Consultants will be contacted.

Dr Monday Sichula,


Issued 29th August, 2022.

Meet Our National Executive Committee

The association is governed by the National executive committee (NEC), which is supported by various Hospital based branches. The branches are responsible for handling the local affairs of the resident doctors at facility, district or provincial level. The branches report to the National Executive Committee which handles matters at national level.
Dr Mweushi Mphande - President

Dr Mweushi Mphande

Dr Gideon Panja - Vice President

Dr Gideon Panja

Vice President
Dr Sichula Monday - Secretary General

Dr Sichula Monday

Secretary General

Dr Nandi Msimuko - Treasurer

Dr Nandi Msimuko


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